Automatic sewing machines for knit fabric

After a lot years continuing explorating and researching on the production process and equipment of the knitting garment industry, we have developed diversity automatic sewing machines&automatic industrial sewing machine which greatly meets customers requirements.

QK300H coverstitch bottom hemmer
1.Automatic size identification, assorting and controlling.  2.Automatic start-stop, trim thread, align overlapping stitches and stack. 3.Adding seam position detection device locates the position of start &end stitching and avoid false detection for fabric colour as well. 4.The seam control mechanism can realize the both side into the  real  same seam direction. 5.Correcting devices ensure the same seam directions are well aligned outside and inside. 6.Automatic adjust the hem edge  size range.
QK-342 flat opend bottom  Hemmer,Sleeves and Bottoms
It is a automatic equipment integrating automatic trimming, automatic folding, automatic sewing, automatic material receiving, thread disconnection alarm and automatic waste collection. We can control it by program, it can easily operate, and has advantages of high efficiency and energy saving. Application: POLO shirt hem, knitted clothing cuff. 1, Edge guiding and folding system ensure hem height is even all throughout.2,The threads are trimmed automatically when stitching is finished for each individual piece.  3. The finished parts are automatically stacked. 4. Automatically stop when thread break is detected.5. low elastic yarn not broken when idling .6. Automatic waste collecting device.
Automatic lapel Collar Machine  Model   QK-350
Automatic lapel Collar Machine Model QK-350Features: This machine is mainly used to do the butt-joint of A tee-shirt. Precise size length, no need for manual measurement, simple operation, automatic sewing, automatic receiving. this equipment is equipped with pattern head, automatic size control, automatic sewing collar, automatic feeding and receiving.Application: It is suitable for rib collar and plain collar.
Automatic Round Collar Sewing Machine  Model   QK-343-3
Automatic Round Collar Sewing Machine  Model   QK-343-3Features: This automatic sewing devices specially used for rib fabric  round collar seaming on knitted T-shirts. Equipped with automatic deviation correction device, automatic edge winding and guiding system.Application:Suitable for plain collar T-shirts.
QK-345 Multiple Functions template Machine (mold+usd mode)
QK-345 Multifunctional Template Machine.Customers who bought this product are all fascinated by its bright-colored glaze. They said the glaze makes it look like high-end tableware.
Automatic Cuff Turning Machine  Model  QK-366
QK-366 Automatic Cuff Turning Machine.Features:It can be sending cloth, sewing, turning, receiving automatically, automatic detection of material shortage, vacuum alarm, one-time forming of cuffing, sewing and turning of cuff of different length and width. this equipment can complete the whole roll of rib sewing, cuff turning and cutting at one time, the pulling tube can adjust the width, size and length, the control system can adjust the cuff length, equipped with automatic feeding and receiving device can realize the high efficiency.Application : All kinds of rib fabrics.
Best Automatic Cuff  attachment setting QK-360 Factory Price -
Best Automatic Cuff  attachment setting QK-360 Factory Price -. provides more cost-effective and comprehensive  products. Features:An automatic work station for sewing leg opening and cuff rib. This machine is equipped with a towing rollersl device to keep the cloth material stable during operation. The electronic control system automatically adjusts the size. The pneumatic and electric automatic size control, the system is equipped with an automatic material receiving device. automatic expansion device, automatic shearing line, etc.Application:All kinds of knitted fabrics, autumn and winter sports wear.
Underpants elastic waistband attached machine QK-375
Underpants elastic waistband attached machine QK-375.Features: (1) Automatic expansion devices for size control. (2) Edge guiding devices secure perfect alignment.(3) The threads are trimmed Automatically when sewing is finished. (4) Automatic waste collecting device.    Application:  Jersey, Lycra underwear Elastic waistband. 
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Is a national high-tech enterprise focus on the development and production knitting garment automatic equipment(sewing machine for knit fabric). Researching and creating are our basic development factors, Quick invests more than 10% of turnover every year to develop and expand the new diversity products lines, and now we have a professional and efficient r&d and production team.

After years continuing explorating and researching on the production process and equipment of the knitting garment industry(knit sewing machines), we have developed diversity automatic sewing machines which greatly meets customers requirements.
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