About sewing special buttons with 289 button machine


A garment recently produced by a company needs to be nailed with handle buttons, the quantity is 30,000 pieces, and the handle buttons are neither round nor square, it is a special kind of button, and binding is difficult. It would be time-consuming and labor-intensive to stitch these buttons by hand. With normal 1903 button buttons, the button clips simply cannot fill the buttons.

However, using the Juki high-speed electronic single-circle foot buttoning machine AMB-289, it is too big to use the button clip to clamp the button. This kind of four is not like a button, and the button clip cannot be clamped, which brings difficulties to the production. After observation and analysis, it is believed that it is more appropriate to use the Juki high-speed electronic single-encircling foot buttoning machine AMB-289. Put a cloth under the button clip to prevent foreign objects from falling into the machine, and then apply some AB glue to the inner groove of the button clip.

When the AB glue gradually hardens, set the machine to the clip state, and clamp a button, and then press the button clip with external force. When placing the button, the button must be placed correctly. The needle will break. After the AB glue is completely hardened, the button clip can be released, and this special button clip has been formed. At this time, the button clip can be removed, the excess AB glue can be trimmed off with a blade, and then the button clip can be installed, and each computer data can be readjusted according to the process requirements.

In addition, maybe because the button is too small, the button clip sensor will not be able to sense it and display an error code. At this time, two paper washers can be installed on both sides of the button clip with paper cutting.

If the paper washer is too thin, you can add a few more sheets until it can be sensed, but it cannot be very thick at once, or the button clip will fall off and damage the machine. If you want to remove the AB glue in the future, you can put the button clip under the iron to turn on the steam, and the AB glue will easily fall off when it is heated and melted.


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