Advantages of double needle sewing machines


Double-needle sewing machines also have double-needle thin material sewing machines and double-needleHeavy-weight material sewing machine, double-needle heavy-weight material sewing machine is mainly used for heavy materials, such as suitcases, sofas, container bags, tarpaulins and other extra-thick products. The double-needle thin material sewing machine is mainly used for thin material, and most of this sewing machine is used in the garment industry. Double-needle sewing machines are not standard equipment for flat cars, and high-speed cars can also be made of double needles.

The components of each sewing machine are roughly the same, but they all have their own usage characteristics and differ in details. The double-needle sewing machine uses two needles to sew the fabric together. Its needle position group can be selected, and different needle position groups can be selected according to the needs of customers. The main advantages of double needle sewing machines are:

1. Ensure that the upper and lower layers do not shift when sewing slippery and viscous fabrics at any needle length within the rated range.

2. It can ensure that the stitches are neat and beautiful, and it can also increase the speed of sewing products and improve production efficiency.

3. The feeding method of the double-needle sewing machine has no limitation, and it can also feed two or three synchronously like a single-needle sewing machine.


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