Automatic cutting machine function extends to new fields


1. Personalized solutions

With the diversification of the service objects of automatic cutting equipment, the solutions are showing a clear trend of differentiation.

2. Breakthrough in the field of leather cutting

This product adopts laser technology, equipped with dust-proof components and fully enclosed water cooling system to optimize cutting and improve the utilization rate of leather. This product has the following features:

1. In order to maximize the utilization of leather materials in cloud computing typesetting.

All data are independently calculated in the background without manual intervention;

2. The use of distributed layout algorithm and simultaneous operation of several high-speed servers can effectively improve layout utilization and efficiency;

3. Database management, support the operation of dozens of leather readers and dozens of automatic cutting machines at the same time to meet the needs of large-scale production;

4. It supports different data formats and can be connected to leather automatic cutting machines of different models and manufacturers.

3. Energy consumption control

The cutting machine equipment has been developing in the direction of longer life, lower energy consumption and lower noise. Large-scale cutting CNC cutting machine, equipped with dust collection device, save maintenance time, improve the service life of equipment and consumables, replace chain drive with synchronous belt drive, make less noise and longer life, the machine head adopts L-shaped layout, C axis The structure of the main drive shaft is optimized to make the equipment more stable, and a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving design is adopted; the noise of the equipment is reduced.

Under the same performance, reduce power and save energy. The computer automatic cutting machine basically adopts the method of vacuum adsorption of materials. The stronger the vacuum, the greater the compression amount of material adsorption under the same number of layers of materials. While maintaining efficiency, the series includes variable frequency drives that are tightly integrated with sensors and software to monitor vacuum level and demand in real time, saving 20% ​​of energy consumption.


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