automatic sewing machine


1,The automatic sewing machine must be very careful when cleaning, and the parts must be cleaned, which will help to improve the service life of the machine. Especially bushings, bearings, oil pumps, and rotating and oscillating parts. If these parts are not cleaned cleanly, the temperature of the shaft sleeve will be too high and the transmission torque will be too heavy, which will affect the normal use of the machine, reduce the overall performance of the machine, and greatly reduce the service life.

2. There are some spare parts that have been painted or electroplated. For this type of spare parts, they need to be finished and then assembled before installation, because the painted or electroplated surface will have a sticky layer.

3. The system of the machine must be installed according to the instructions before assembly. If the installation of some spare parts does not meet the specified technical requirements, it will directly interfere with the working performance of the machine.

4. Judging whether the assembly of the machine is in place We can judge from the sound of the machine. If the machine sounds abnormally loud and harsh when the machine starts to operate, it may be that the machine is not installed in place, resulting in friction of spare parts.

If this happens, turn off the power in time, check it again and start the operation again, because the friction of the machine will damage the spare parts and affect the overall performance of the machine.


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