Car floor mat thick material sewing machine


The material of car floor mats is thick and bulky, and car floor mats need splicing, hemming and other processes during the sewing process. So it doesn't just need an extendedThick material sewing machines also need hemming machines and splicing machines. But now we have a machine specially designed for making car floor mats. It not only has a strong ability to eat thick, but also can customize lengthened models. It has the functions of wrapping and splicing, and can complete these processes at the same time with one machine. Can greatly reduce costs.

This sewing machine has two options of single needle and double needle. The double needle design has high working efficiency, beautiful stitches, and firmness. It is suitable for thin and medium-thick fabrics. It also has the function of automatic oil supply, and the design of automatic circulating oil supply and lubrication greatly reduces the wear of parts and reduces the noise of sewing. The large shuttle design can pass through thick threads, and the amount of threads is large, reducing the need to replace the bottom thread.

The latest adjustable tooth frame, the performance of the whole machine is more stable and powerful, and it is more durable. The selection of parts and materials is precise and rigorous. The parts are purchased from regular manufacturers, and the quality is comparable to imported parts. Presser foot, cloth feed dog, and needle feed synchronously, accurate and powerful feeding, suitable for thick materials.


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