Clothing hanging is a coup for clothing business owners to save money


The basic concept of the clothing hanging system is to hang the whole piece of clothing on the hanger, and automatically send it to the operator of the next process according to the pre-input process section, which greatly reduces the handling, binding, folding, etc. non-production time. When the production staff completes a process, they only need to press the control button, and the hanging system will automatically transfer the hanger to the next process station. The clothing hanging system greatly improves the working environment of employees and the production environment of the workshop. Compared with the traditional bundled production, the system hangs the garment pieces in the air, so that the employees are not surrounded by the work-in-process, and the working environment of the employees is improved.

In addition, the workshop environment is also great, which fully meets the environmental requirements of 6s, making the workshop environment simple and clear, and workshop managers can quickly discover product line problems through visual management, which greatly improves the management ability of the workshop.

The hanging system can solve the problem of efficiency differences between different employees in the same process. When the work in process is conveyed to the next process, the hanging system will automatically send it to the station with less work in progress, so as to ensure that different workstations in the same process balance. Even if some employees suddenly leave for a short time, her workload can be evenly distributed to other employees, and it can also avoid the backlog of work in process due to different efficiencies.

The hanging system uses the RFID scanning system and information system to record each piece of clothing and each conveyance of the product line, and then collects, organizes, analyzes these records, and presents the analyzed data to the user in a graphical image, so that Users can intuitively see the overall status of the current product line and realize the transparency of production management.

Using the hanging system can shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency. The hanging system circulates through the product line at a fixed rate. Once the WIP is processed, it is immediately sent to the next process, and the residence time of the WIP can be ignored.

Through the collection of data, the hanging system can display the output and repair data of each employee in real time. Product line managers can analyze the data of each employee to find out the abnormal efficiency of employees in time, and then understand the situation and improve the efficiency of employee management. In addition, by tracking the number of repairs, quality problems can be found in time, the reasons can be analyzed, and they can be dealt with in a timely manner, so that the hanging system becomes the end point of quality problems, and the cost caused by quality problems can be reduced as much as possible.

Among them, the Sunrise clothing hanging system is the leader of the clothing intelligent hanging system. Let's understand:

Sunrise Smart Clothing Production Suspension System

Sunrise intelligent clothing production suspension system is a set of intelligent and digital clothing production equipment. He adopts computerized management, cooperates with enterprise-level database, management software, mat technology, RFID radio frequency technology, industrial automatic control technology and cash mechanical transmission technology to replace the traditional methods of manual handling, recording, and statistics in the original production. Informatization and operation of production process. This system adopts a single piece of flowing water to transport clothing materials and finished products in the form of hanging, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, product quality and production management level of the enterprise, reduce labor costs and management costs, and greatly improve the corporate image.


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