Coarse Thread Sewing Machine Solution


There are so many types of sewing machines. Generally, we classify them according to the sewing objects of the sewing machines, such as sewing machines for thick fabrics and safety bags. Today we introduce a kind of thick thread sewing machine that is classified according to the stitches. When we use thick thread sewing machines for sewing, there will be various problems. Today we will talk about the solutions.
(1) The broken thread is due to the threading clip is adjusted too tightly, the threading is not correct, the threading guide rod hole, the crochet threading hole, the looper needle hole, the balance hole of the needle thread, etc. are damaged, the straight needle is improperly installed, and the straight needle and the curved needle are damaged. The gap between the needles is not suitable, the suture quality and other problems are caused.

(2) Skipping stitches, loose edges, and knitting are caused by improper installation of straight needles or bending of straight needles, wear of straight needles and looper mechanisms, improper clearance between straight needles and looper needles, damage to looper needle points, crochet needles, etc. The ball bearing of the swing table is damaged or severely worn.
(3) The broken needle is caused by the speed of the strip machine and the sewing machine being out of sync, the straight needle bar is bent, the presser foot screw is loose and displaced, so that the straight needle cannot pass through the presser foot hole normally, and the gap between the straight needle and the curved needle is not good. The straight needle collides with the curved needle due to proper operation, and the bag is jammed due to improper operation.
(4) Often not cutting the thread or not cutting the thread is mainly caused by the fluctuation or abnormality of the air pressure, the non-action of the thread trimming cylinder, the gap between the inner and outer blades is too large or severely worn, and the photoelectric sensor of the thread trimmer is displaced.

(5) The non-feeding of the feeding tooth during the sewing process is caused by insufficient presser foot pressure, improper adjustment of the feeding tooth clearance or severe wear of the feeding tooth.
(6) The uneven seam or inconsistent width is caused by the asynchronous speed of the strip machine and the sewing machine, and improper adjustment of the tightness of the presser foot screw.
(7) The large vibration during the operation of the sewing machine is caused by the fact that the motor pulley and the sewing machine pulley are not in a straight line, and the fixing screws of the sewing machine are loose or fall off.

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