Double needle lockstitch heavy material sewing machine


Introduction: High-quality double-needle lockstitch heavy material sewing machine, its maximum sewing speed can reach 2200 (s.p.m), and the maximum stitch distance is 9mm. It adopts a large vertical rotary hook for thread hooking and a connecting rod for thread take-up, which can pass through thick threads, and the thread volume is large, reducing frequent replacement of bottom threads. It can feed materials at three times, which is more suitable for sewing thick materials.

Advantages: connecting rod thread take-up, synchronous toothed belt drive, plunger oil pump lubrication system, large vertical hook thread hook

Application cases: suitable for sewing tents, seats, cushions, leather bags, suitcases, leather, sofa products.

Show details:

Vertical rotary hook: the tip of the hook hooks the thread loop, expands the thread loop at the same time, and guides the thread loop to wrap around the bobbin to form a lock stitch.

Oil pump: The oil pump of this machine can suck the oil stored in the oil basin to the key parts of the machine head to reduce friction.

Back stitch assembly: This assembly has a differential feeding adjustment function, which is not easy to be misplaced when sewing double-layer materials

Digital dial for adjusting the stitch distance: the digital stitch distance dial has 1-12 adjustable levels, the operator can easily rotate the dial to achieve the ideal stitch distance, and turn clockwise to shorten the stitches, and vice versa to lengthen them.

Replaceable presser foot function: For different sewing processes, the corresponding presser foot can be replaced to facilitate sewing. The needle position group has 3/16 3/8 1/2 width up to 2 inches, which can be freely selected by customers

Left and right shuttle bed frames: racks for assembling parts such as hooks, thread-splitting hooks, thread-splitting hook seats, and thread-splitting hook connecting rods.

Thread clamp: adjust the tension of the upper thread


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