Drum type comprehensive cloth feeding shuttle computer direct drive high car


Introduction: This is a super large shuttle computer high car with high-quality configuration. It has the functions of automatic winding core, upper and lower needle positioning, and automatic circulating oil supply lubrication design, which greatly reduces the wear and tear of parts and reduces noise. It adopts slide bar type thread take-up, vertical rotary hook to hook thread, forming double-thread lock stitch, and the upper and lower shafts are driven by synchronous toothed belt.

Presser foot, feed dog, needle feed synchronously, lever type needle distance adjustment mechanism. High-pressure foot stroke, high-pressure foot lifting clearance and large stitch length, combined with cylindrical sewing table, are suitable for seam overlock sewing of schoolbags, travel backpacks, rucksacks, handbags, etc. Pneumatic presser foot lifter and reverse sewing device are optional, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and quiet.

Advantages: 28mm wire core, extra large shuttle design, reducing the time for changing the wire core, efficient and labor-saving. It adopts the listed brand Bowmax electronic control, 8mm large needle pitch design, 750W high-power motor, automatic presser foot lift, automatic reinforcement seam, automatic oil supply, upper and lower needle positioning, automatic winding, high-quality configuration, and precise and rigorous selection of spare parts. The parts are all purchased from regular manufacturers, and the quality is comparable to imported parts. The new black gold steel tooth frame is more synchronous and accurate in feeding, the sewing performance is more stable and powerful, and the service life is longer.

Application case: It is suitable for seam overlock sewing of school bags, travel backpacks, rucksacks, handbags, bags, etc.

Show details:

Backstitch handle: This machine adopts stitch length adjustment and back stitching structure as a whole. It has beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. Adjusting the front and back of the nut can change the stitch length. Pull the back stitching handle down to feed the material.

Thread tensioner: adjust the tension of the upper thread.

LED lighting function: Install lighting on this machine, it can still work normally in poor light environment.

Pressure adjustment nut: adjust the pressure of large and small presser feet; turn clockwise to increase the pressure when sewing thick materials, so that the machine can feed materials smoothly and the stitch distance is uniform; otherwise, when sewing thin materials, the pressure can be reduced so that the sewing material does not wrinkle.

Large hook: 28MM large bobbin reduces the frequency of changing the core

Computer control panel: easier to operate and improve work efficiency.


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