Explain the special production method of the garment ribbon cutting machine


Hot cutting machine is a mechanical device that uses concentrated heat energy to melt and separate materials. According to the type of heat energy used, thermal cutting can be divided into gas cutting machine, electric arc cutting machine, plasma arc cutting machine and laser cutting machine.

When the garment webbing hot cutting machine is cutting the webbing, it is easy to cause the webbing fabric to be too soft and difficult to transfer on the hot cutting machine. A special hot cutting machine for webbing transmission is designed, and the use effect is better.

It relates to a special eager cutting machine for webbing, which comprises a base, and the base is provided with racks, a belt guide roller, an eager cutting mechanism and a second belt guide roller in sequence from the front to the back, and the first belt guide roller and the second belt guide roller are both provided with There are an upper roller and a lower roller, the two ends of the upper roller are connected with a hydraulic cylinder that drives the upper roller to move up and down, the hydraulic cylinder is set above the abutment, the lower roller is embedded in the inner side of the abutment, and the upper part of the lower roller protrudes from the upper surface of the abutment;
The eager cutting mechanism includes a movable bracket, a lifting rod, a driving device and a hot cutting blade. The two ends of the hot cutting blade are fixedly connected with the two ends of the lifting rod through connecting rods, and the two ends of the lifting rod can be movably connected to the movable bracket. The vertical movable perforation, the lifting rod includes an upper lifting rod and a lower lifting rod, the upper lifting rod and the lower lifting rod are respectively fixedly connected by a baffle, and the baffle is connected to the driving device;
By adopting the utility model, the webbing can be transferred on the hot cutting machine more easily, so that the cutting effect is better.


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