Extended three-synchronous heavy material double-needle lockstitch sewing machine


This is an extended three-synchronous thick material double needle lockstitch sewing machine, and it is also a car mat splicing machine thick material long arm lockstitch sewing machine. It adopts a large vertical rotary hook for thread hooking and a connecting rod for thread take-up, which can pass thick threads and has a large amount of thread, reducing frequent replacement of the bottom thread. Divided into single-needle, double-needle, synchronous toothed belt transmission, plunger type oil pump lubrication system, the oil pump can suck the oil stored in the oil basin to the key parts of the machine head to reduce friction.

It is a customized product, and the size of the sewing space can be booked according to the needs, 380*125/457*150/600*125 or even longer 1000*150.

Advantages: Extended double-needle, flat seam for thick materials, use of vertical large shuttle, smooth rotation of the whole machine in terms of comprehensive performance, low noise and high durability.

Application cases: suitable for car seat cushions, safety belts, airbags, sewing tents, seats, cushions, leather bags, suitcases, leather, sofa products.

Digital dial for adjusting the stitch distance: the digital stitch distance dial has 1-12 adjustable levels, the operator can easily rotate the dial to achieve the ideal stitch distance, and turn clockwise to shorten the stitches, and vice versa to lengthen them.

Pressure adjustment nut: adjust the pressure of the large and small presser feet; turn clockwise to increase the pressure when sewing thick materials, so that the machine can feed materials smoothly and the stitch distance is uniform; otherwise, when sewing thin materials, reduce the pressure so that the sewing material does not wrinkle.

Automatic circulating oil supply device: an improved type based on traditional manual oiling, equipped with a high-pressure oil pump to automatically supply oil to all parts of the machine, so as to achieve smooth lubrication of all parts, greatly increase the service life of the machine and reduce wear and tear of parts.

Thread tensioner: adjust the tension of the upper thread.

Reverse stitch handle: The reverse stitch handle is in a static state during sewing operation. If the sewing material needs to be reinforced, press the reverse stitch handle and the sewing material will be fed backward.

Fuel supply observation window; the oil observation window is designed on the fuselage, and the oil supply situation can be observed through this window


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