Extra heavy material sewing machine


Introduction: This machine is a sewing machine for extra-heavy materials, and it is also a strong man in the series of extra-heavy materials. It adopts the upper and lower compound feeding method and cylindrical sewing table, the feeding force is strong and stable, and the presser foot can lift up to 25 mm. , the alternating amount of the differential presser foot reaches 10mm, to ensure that when the thickness of the fabric changes during the sewing process, such as when the seam starts or when sewing cross seams, the presser foot can still be supplied smoothly and continuously; the silicone oil on the top of the machine head The box is used to lubricate the sewing thread and cool the machine needle. It is very convenient to use and the stitches of the sewing products are more beautiful. Its operating space is 420*210mm.

Advantages: Three synchronous integrated feeding system is adopted. Large shuttle hook thick thread shuttle bed is adopted to increase the operating space.

Needle, feeding dog and presser foot cross-lifting mechanism ensure that the upper and lower layers do not shift when sewing slippery, viscous sewing materials and special long products under any needle length within the rated range, so that the sewing products are neat and the stitches are beautiful;

Application cases: It is suitable for sewing car floor mats, handles of handbags, baseball gloves, sports equipment, safety bags, tents, seat cushions, luggage and other heavy and extremely heavy materials.

Show details:

Large shuttle: thick thread shuttle bed with large shuttle, increasing the operating space

Presser foot+teeth+needle: three-synchronous car feeding, more suitable for sewing thick materials

Wire punch: automatic winding, improve efficiency, convenient and fast

Manual presser foot lift handle: presser foot lift up to 25mm, differential presser foot alternation up to 10mm, to ensure that when the thickness of the fabric changes during the sewing process, such as at the beginning of the seam or when sewing cross seams, Feet can still provide a smooth and continuous supply

Pressure adjustment nut: adjust the pressure of the large and small presser feet; turn clockwise to increase the pressure when sewing thick materials, so that the machine can feed materials smoothly and the stitch distance is uniform; otherwise, when sewing thin materials, the pressure can be reduced so that the sewing material does not wrinkle


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