Extra Heavy Material Sewing Machine-Sofa Sewing Machine


specialThick material sewing machine is a sewing machine specialized in making extra thick leather sofas, cushions and bags. It can eat thicker than ordinary thick material sewing machines, so it is a strong man in thick material sewing machines. This kind of sewing machine feeds the needle, feed dog, and presser foot together, so it has enough feeding capacity to feed thick materials.

The rotary hooks of general extra-heavy material sewing machines are imported large-scale special shuttles, which have a large amount of thread core and can pass thick threads. It can also ensure that the upper and lower layers do not shift when sewing slippery, viscous fabrics and long products at any needle length within the rated range. Another reason why it can make extra-heavy materials is that its presser foot lifting height is higher than that of ordinary sewing machines. The presser foot lifting height is as high as 25mm, and the differential presser foot alternate amount reaches 10mm.

The material of the sofa cannot be sewn by ordinary sewing machines. The fabrics used to make sofas are generally relatively thick. Therefore, the extra-heavy material sewing machine is the best choice for sewing sofas.


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