Five advantages of automatic sewing machines


In recent years, my country's economy has developed rapidly, and people's production and life have also been continuously improved. We are very clear that high efficiency and fast pace can be said to be synonymous with the most vivid images of the 21st century. This is exactly the case. The emergence of automatic sewing machines makes people Everyone praised, automated production methods, development of multi-functional, mechatronics, high reliability, high efficiency, high automation, let me talk about the five advantages of automatic sewing machines.

1. High and stable product quality. The computer trolley is a high-tech precision product that can produce stable, beautiful and complex sewing stitches. It is one of the necessary equipment for high-end sewing products.

2. Improve corporate image and status, for example, customers need to inspect the factory, inspect the management level of the factory, production capacity, equipment status, etc.

Nowadays, the main decoration customers of many product brands specify the use of automatic sewing machines for decoration threads and patterns, so having a computer car is also one of the corporate images. Proper use of automatic sewing machines will be more helpful to the product.

3. Reduce production workers. According to investigations, the workload of an automatic sewing machine can basically cover the workload of 6 to 10 workers, greatly reducing the number of production workers, thereby reducing the production cost of the product.

4. It has high reliability. Each operation key is printed with pictures and texts indicating the corresponding functions, and the display screen can be displayed in Chinese or English at the user's choice, effectively eliminating language restrictions, and the operation is extremely simple and easy to learn.

5. Pattern storage capacity, the internal memory can store 999 patterns, and the number of stitches can be stored up to more than 1 million stitches, with sufficient capacity and diversified choices.


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