General knowledge of performance inspection of electromechanical sewing machines with electronic or computer control systems


Since electromechanical sewing machines are much more expensive than traditional mechanical sewing machines, when some low-priced domestic electromechanical products appear, users should not be confused by the immediate price gap when purchasing. In this process, users can choose from the following Five points focus on testing the performance of electromechanical sewing machines.

, Stability of sewing. Due to the electronic or computer control system, the electromechanical sewing machine has better sewing stability after reaching the speed, especially the sewability, including whether the stitch is good, soft, stable, whether there is skipped stitch, broken thread, Whether wrinkled and so on have excellent performance.

Therefore, if you find that the machine has adverse reactions in this regard, do not buy it.
In addition, when purchasing such machines, the sewing speed of the machine should not be overemphasized. Although the sewing speed of electromechanical sewing machines is much faster than that of traditional sewing machines, in the process of garment production, the speed requirement is not as fast as possible. This needs to take into account the bearing capacity of the fabric and stitching. Therefore, when purchasing an electromechanical sewing machine, the sewing speed should be weighed against the stability of the machine. Do not blindly follow the recommendations of the sales staff and pursue the sewing speed of the machine.

Second, clean and environmentally friendly performance. Usually in the development process of electromechanical sewing machines, designers emphasize the cleanness and pollution-free sewing of the machine. By designing the sewing machine head, no oil is used around the needle bar, thread take-up lever and rotary hook to achieve clean sewing. Therefore, when the user chooses the machine, he must test the machine repeatedly to make sure that it will not bring oil stains to the fabric and sewing objects during work.

Third, the performance of a single machine is expanded. An electromechanical sewing machine can complete the work that can only be done by several mechanical sewing machines. For example, industrial zigzag sewing machine, generally a mechanical zigzag sewing machine can only complete the sewing of one pattern, while a computer zigzag sewing machine can complete the sewing of 20 or more patterns.

In addition, because the computer-controlled sewing machine increases the adjustment range of the feed dog, it can sew more different types of fabrics. And adjust the appropriate differential amount according to various fabrics. When performing front and rear feeding, even if the stitch length is changed, the differential ratio will not change, and there is no need to adjust it.

Fourth, the design of low noise and low vibration.

The electromechanical sewing machine uses computer anatomy, and realizes the design from the structure of the casing to the small parts of each part. Therefore, it can suppress noise and vibration to a good limit in daily work. In addition, this type of machine has achieved a good balance in the design of the machine head. The transmission of the upper shaft and the lower shaft is driven by a synchronous toothed belt, which greatly reduces the noise and realizes low vibration and low noise work. Therefore, when users buy, no matter which brand of machine it is, no matter how much the price is different, the low vibration and low noise processing of electromechanical sewing machines are one of its characteristics. If the effect is not good, they should give up the purchase.

Fifth, the degree of automation is high, and the operation is labor-saving. When testing the machine, the user must debug the automatic function of the electromechanical sewing machine to see if it can automatically complete the set sewing work. Such as laser or infrared clothing piece positioning, automatic hemming, automatic adjustment of suture tension of thick and thin sewing materials, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic stitching, man-machine dialogue user programming, automatic tracking of the sewing process, etc.

In addition, some of the humanized design of the electromechanical sewing machine is also one of its characteristics, and the corresponding comparison should be made when purchasing. For example, the unwinding part of this type of machine is wider than the traditional sewing machine, which makes the fabric to be sewn easier to pick, place and rotate; the lower thread winding device is installed on the machine arm, and the adjustment of the winding amount and the disassembly and assembly of the bobbin are simple; only It is necessary to press the button or turn the pedal to work, even fully automatic; the easy-to-understand and easy-to-use operation panel makes it easy for the operator to remember, and there will be no confusion during operation.


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