High-quality oil supply computer high car


246D-2A This is a high-quality oil-supply computerized high-speed trolley. It has the functions of automatic winding core, upper and lower needle positioning, automatic presser foot lifting, and automatic backstitching. synchronous drive. Teeth, presser foot, needle three synchronous oval feeding, stable sewing performance, strong, beautiful stitches. Suitable for genuine leather products with high requirements for topstitching.

Adopt the listed big brand Bowmax electric control. 750W high-power motor, horizontal large shuttle, high-quality configuration, precise and rigorous selection of parts and materials, all parts are collected from regular large factories, and the quality is comparable to imported parts. The fully automatic circulating oil supply lubrication design greatly reduces the wear of spare parts, reduces noise, and improves the service life of the machine.

It is suitable for the peripheral work of sewing heavy bags, handbags, backpacks, leather and other products.

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Effect picture of the new tooth lifting structure: new and improved technology, prolonging the service life, more accurate and stable feeding, more powerful climbing up and down, making the stitches of leather sewing more beautiful

The new tooth-lifting feeding structure: elliptical and horizontal feeding key technical improvements and optimizations. Due to the new tooth frame balancing the teeth, it solves the problems of unstable feeding, easy wear, and easy breakage of the tooth frame in the traditional top column, thus completely solving the problem. Disadvantages such as needle length and broken needles greatly increase the aesthetics of leather stitches.

Wear-resistant swing needle frame: the swing needle frame is processed by high-quality materials on the market, with high precision, good steel and high wear resistance

New tooth lifting cam seat: The new tooth lifting cam seat has been carefully improved and optimized. The precision and perfect combination of the tooth lifting cam seat, the needle plate seat and the casing makes the feeding more accurate and durable. The stitches are more beautiful.


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