How to choose a computer sewing machine


Today I will introduce to you how to buy a computerized sewing machine:
1. Look at your own needs: When choosing to buy a computerized sewing machine, you must first confirm what the purpose of buying the sewing machine is. If it is only for ordinary families to mend clothes occasionally or to experience the fun of DIY, then ordinary household multifunctional electric sewing machines can meet your needs; and if it is used in professional clothing design, or some small sewing shops, Then it is best to buy a professional computer sewing machine with a price of about 1,000 yuan. The most important thing is to look at your own needs.
2. Look at the brand: At present, there are mainly domestic and imported household electric sewing machines. Some friends may think that foreign brands are better, but in fact, from a technical point of view, it can be said that the technology of domestic household computer sewing machines is already very mature. , especially for ordinary household electric sewing machines, there is almost no difference between domestic and foreign brands, but from the price point of view, the price of domestic brand household computer sewing machines is much lower than that of foreign ones. Therefore, if you use it at home, you can buy a good reputation Domestic brands are fine.

3. Look at the functions: the development of computer sewing machines is no longer as single-function as it was at the beginning. A sewing machine with comprehensive functions can bring users more sewing fun. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the attached functions clearly when choosing: How many kinds of stitches can be provided, whether it supports double-thread two-way sewing and overlock, whether the sewing speed is controllable, whether it provides pedal control methods, etc., these are all things we need to know clearly when purchasing a sewing machine.
4. Look at the accessories: It is undeniable that the more accessories a computer sewing machine has, the simpler and more convenient it is for us to use. At present, high-quality home computer sewing machine brands will come with a variety of accessories: such as sewing machine needles, sewing machine bottom threads, threaders, thread folding devices, various buttons, special scissors, etc. In addition, some accessories such as power supplies and pedals use computers. A must for sewing machines and must be checked when purchasing.


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