How to clean the needle detector scientifically


Usually after a period of use, some common problems will occur in the needle detector.“Fault”Therefore, we should regularly clean the conveyor belt part and other easily damaged parts during normal use.

The specific cleaning methods and precautions are as follows:

1. Cleaning utensils: Find a clean towel, wet it with water and wring it out until the water cannot be squeezed out.

2. Cleaning of the surface of the conveyor belt: Note that we should first adjust the sensitivity of the needle detector to the level before cleaning.

If the needle detector has a level 1 to 10 mode, please adjust the needle detector to the level 1 mode, so as not to affect the next cleaning work due to excessive sensitivity.

Then, we straighten the towel and press it properly on the surface of the conveyor belt, and start the machine to make the machine run for more than five times (the purpose is to clean the contamination on the surface of the conveyor belt, the method can be applied flexibly), and then wash the towel Clean and wring out, and repeat the cleaning steps to wipe the belt until there is no visible contamination on the belt surface.

3. Cleaning the back of the conveyor belt: We can remove the metal shell on the left and right sides of the conveyor belt of the needle detector, then wash the towel and wring it dry, pass the towel through the bottom of the conveyor belt, straighten the towel, and hold both ends of the towel tightly , start the machine and run it for several weeks.

Since the bottom of the conveyor belt is dirty, it needs to be wiped repeatedly. Therefore, after each operation for several weeks, the towel should be pulled out and washed, and then the above cleaning steps should be repeated again.

If after the cleaning of the above steps, we still find that the probe light keeps flashing after the needle detector is turned on, and the clothes cannot pass smoothly, the above cleaning steps should be repeated again.

At the same time, it is worth noting that when we test the needle detector after cleaning, we need to pay special attention to avoiding the surrounding environmental factors, such as: personnel walking, the distance between large machines is too close and other factors need to be taken into account.


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