How to deal with the broken thread of the heavy material sewing machine?


The broken thread of the heavy material sewing machine is a problem that many users will encounter, and it is also a fault that affects the working efficiency of the heavy material sewing machine. So how should we solve this problem?

In view of the broken thread problem of the heavy material sewing machine, I suggest that you solve the problem by adjusting the existing equipment. The specific method is as follows:
1. Choose a needle that is one size larger than the previous heavy material sewing machine, but pay attention to the selection of the needle and the suture. The resistance encountered in the pinhole leads to an increased probability of thread breakage.
2. Under the condition of increasing the thickness of the machine needle, it is necessary to match the corresponding needle plate, presser foot, and the needle hole of the cloth feeding tooth for the thick material sewing machine, otherwise there may be large pinholes that may be squeezed or squeezed when working with other parts. Friction produces resistance and affects the normal operation of the equipment.
3. Slow down the feeding cloth of the heavy material sewing machine, which is helpful to assist the equipment to take up the thread, and the degree of thread take-up mainly depends on the height of the feeding cloth rising out of the needle plate, the moving distance and the time of cloth feeding.

Generally, the higher the distance that the feed dog lifts out of the needle plate, the greater the movement distance, and the tighter the stitches captured by the thick material sewing machine; the longer the feed dog falls into the needle plate, the longer the thread take-up time can be extended.
4. In order to avoid the occurrence of thread splitting caused by the thick material sewing machine not being able to reliably hook the thread loop from the center of the thread loop, I suggest that you slow down the hook thread hook time and lower the needle bar to solve the problem.

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