How to identify the pros and cons of some commonly used spare parts


1. Needle plate and feed dog
The needle plate and feed dog of the medium-speed machine are double-rowed, and the rear half is subjected to large force. When the operator uses the sewing machine with the reverse feeding wrench for the reverse feeding operation, it is easy to inject needles. If there is a needle injection phenomenon, the needle The board collapses, and this phenomenon is not easy to occur if a good quality needle board is used.
Inspection method: Put a rose knife into the feeding slot on the needle board, and shake it left and right, and carefully observe whether it is deformed by force. If it is deformed, it is an inferior product.

2. Presser foot
Inspection method: Use pliers to bite the presser foot to see if it can bite out the imprint. If the presser foot is hardened, the pliers will not bite the imprint. The quality of the feed teeth is good. The 12481 feed teeth fastening screws made in Taiwan are marked with TAIWAN characters and 12481 Arabic numerals in the middle of the two holes. This product is sturdy and durable, and the tip of the feed teeth is not easy to slip).

3. The machine needles are made of diamond brand high-speed double-section, silver-white, nickel-plated needles produced by Shanghai Diamond Needle Factory. Because most sewing products companies use high-speed machines, many sewing products are new waterproof materials and Chemical synthetic fiber material, so the needle is required to be resistant to high temperature. Generally, the chrome-plated needle is not suitable. Even if it is available, the effect is not ideal. Better, smooth surface, longer use time.

4. In the middle of the hook skin of the Japanese Hirose hook"q", the printing bump is fine, the electroplating is smooth and soft, the hand feel is smooth and no burrs, the left side of the inner hole of the hook shell is printed as"N", the right side is printed as"T".The tip of the Hirose rotary hook is not easy to appear burrs when in use. The fake and inferior rotary hook frame shakes in the bobbin case, the electroplating surface is brighter, the hand feels burrs, and the hook skin"q"The printing area is rough and uneven, the hardness of the hook tip is not enough, and the phenomenon of burr and blunt tip is easy to appear during use. The right side of the hook skin of the Japanese Zowan hook is marked"MADEINJAPAN"Words, the left side of the inner hole of the hook housing is printed as"N", the right side is printed as"Y", This brand has not been found to have counterfeit products. The I-brand X-30 high-speed rotary hook produced by Shanghai Huaxin Sewing Machine Parts Factory has a relatively fine processing technology. It is similar to the Japanese Hirose HSH-7.94B rotary hook. For high-speed lockstitch machine, the effect is very good


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