How to maintain the automatic sewing machine?


Automatic sewing machines are widely used in various handbags, garments, luggage, shoes, belts, textiles, leather goods, sports equipment and other textile sewing patterns. Having one can enhance the corporate image status, such as customers who need to inspect the factory and inspect the production of the factory capabilities, equipment configuration, etc. Now the main decoration customers of many product brands specify the use of automatic sewing machine decoration thread patterns.

The following is the maintenance method:

1. Careful cleaning and cleaning to ensure that the parts of the automatic sewing machine are clean is the basis for ensuring the assembly quality and prolonging the service life of the automatic sewing machine.

Especially for shaft sleeves, bearings, oil pumps, and parts containing rotating and oscillating fittings, they should be cleaned carefully. If the assembly of various shaft parts is not clean, the temperature of the shaft sleeve will be too high and the transmission torque will be too heavy.“bite”Serious faults, such as, affect the overall performance of the machine.

2. All computer car parts that have undergone surface treatment such as surface baking and electroplating have adhesive layers on their assembly joint surfaces (including holes, grooves, planes, and screw holes). It must be finished according to the technical requirements of the process, and then assembled and deployed. If the assembly does not meet the specified technical requirements, the automatic sewing machine will not work normally.

The mutual position between parts and mechanisms is not correct, which also affects the working performance of the automatic sewing machine.

3. The first assembly of the automatic sewing machine or the assembly after overhaul will have a very bad influence on the performance of the equipment. Automatic sewing machines with poor assembly quality have low precision, poor performance, loud noise, heavy torque, and short life; better equipment.


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