How to solve the stitch problem of sewing machine


During the use of the sewing machine, the fabric movement speed is often uneven, resulting in different stitch lengths. The feeding of the sewing machine is mainly based on the cooperation of the feed dog and the presser foot. If there is a difference in stitch length, it may be a problem with the presser foot and the feed dog. First of all, the pressure of the presser foot will affect the feeding of the machine. If the pressure is not enough, the above situation will occur if the fabric is not pressed tightly. We also need to check the height of the presser foot.

Secondly, the tooth screws are loose and the teeth will swing from side to side during operation, resulting in irregular movement during feeding. Check the screws, tighten the screws on both sides, and also pay attention to see if there will be friction between the teeth and the needle plate groove, and ensure that the teeth are in the middle of the needle plate groove.


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