Important Notes on Using Your Sewing Machine


Important Notes on Using Your Sewing Machine

1. When using the sewing machine, follow the basic measures including the following items. 2. Before using the sewing machine, please read all instruction documents including this instruction manual. At the same time, this instruction manual should be kept in a safe place so that it can be consulted at any time.

3. When using this sewing machine and sewing machine action, all devices should be installed to the specified positions. Sewing machines that are not equipped with the prescribed device are prohibited from being used. 4. The sewing machine should be operated by trained operators.

5. When using the sewing machine, it is recommended to wear protective glasses. 6. When the following situations occur, immediately turn off the power switch, or unplug the power cord. 6-1 When the needle, looper, separator, etc. are threaded and the hook is replaced.

6-2 When replacing the needle, presser foot, needle plate, looper, separator, feed dog, needle guard, bracket, cloth guide, etc. 6-3 During repairs. 6-4 When the workplace is empty or leaves the workplace.

7. When oil, grease and other liquids used in sewing machines and accessories flow into the eyes or on the skin, or are accidentally ingested, immediately wash the relevant parts and go to the hospital for treatment. 8. It is forbidden for oily hands to touch the parts or devices that have turned on the switch of the sewing machine. 9. The repair, transformation and adjustment of the sewing machine should be carried out by specially trained technicians.

10. General maintenance and storage should be carried out by trained personnel. 11. The repair and maintenance of the electrical aspects of the sewing machine should be carried out under the supervision and command of a qualified electrical technician. 12. When repairing and storing parts related to compressed air such as air and cylinder, the air supply source of the air compressor should be cut off before proceeding.

13. The sewing machine should be cleaned regularly during use. 14. For normal operation, a ground wire should be installed. At the same time, it should be used in an environment that is not affected by strong noise sources such as high-frequency welding machines.

15. The power plug should be installed by someone with electrical expertise. Connect the power plug to a grounded outlet. 16. The sewing machine cannot be used other than the designated purpose.

17. The modification and change of the sewing machine should meet the specifications and take effective measures. In addition, our company is not responsible for any modification or alteration. 18. The following two warning symbols are used in this instruction manual.

There is a danger of injury to operators and maintenance personnel. matters requiring special attention..

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