industrial sewing machine


The development of industrial sewing machines is also diverse today, mainly including flat sewing series, high head car series, column car series, and automatic sewing machine series. On this basis, sewing machines such as double-needle, single-needle, trimming with knife, and automatic thread trimmer have been extended. The sewing machines used in different industries are also different. The shoe industry uses a roller car, the garment industry uses a flat car for thin materials, embroidery machines are used for embroidery, and heavy materials such as leather and bags are used for thick materials.

Industrial sewing machines have become an indispensable equipment in production and processing. The greater the demand, the more manufacturers. In recent years, various enterprises have invested heavily in the research and development of sewing machines. Technical staff. The sewing machine is also constantly being optimized, its function, performance, stability, and the aesthetics of the stitches are constantly improving, providing higher quality products for various industries.


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