Introduction to the use of various presser feet of sewing machines


Introduction to the use of various presser feet of sewing machines

1. Synchronized presser foot: Using the synchronized presser foot can evenly feed multiple pieces of fabric, and it is very suitable for fabrics that are difficult to feed such as peak plastic coating and leather, and for sewing velvet and other easily slippery fabrics or quilting and patchwork. it works.

2. Rolling lace presser foot: It is used to create a shell-like curling effect on light and thin fabrics. It is often used for the curling of silk scarves, shortening the length of the stitches, and can do a similar effect of dense copying.

3. Roller leather presser foot: used for sewing various special fabrics.

For some special fabrics that are difficult to feed, use this presser foot to return to a very good effect. The rollers on the presser foot can reduce the resistance of the fabric when passing through, so that the difficult-to-sew fabrics can pass smoothly.

4. Unilateral presser foot: Presser foot piping and roller presser foot, used to install open zippers and piping.

Close stitching can be done along the edge of the rigid strip, such as the rigid strip piping on the edge of a sofa cover. There is an adjustable device on the presser foot, which can adjust the left and right position and distance of the presser foot at any time to adapt to various piping sewing.

5. Thin material folding presser foot: used to assist in the pleating effect.

The upper and lower layers of thin fabrics can be sewn together synchronously, and the bottom layer of thin fabrics can automatically come out of the pleating effect. It is suitable for fine lace and frill effect sewing on some thin fabrics.

6. Sequin or ribbon presser foot: used for sewing various decorative woven fabrics, decorative sequins and decorative sequins.

7. Special linear presser foot: used to sew linear stitches on ultra-thin fabrics. It can be positioned on the real and fake for straight sewing, keeping the fabric surface wrinkle-free.


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