Leather thick material direct drive computer all-in-one car


Introduction: This is a handbag leather thick material direct-drive computer all-in-one industrial sewing machine, which is directly driven by a built-in small high-power servo motor, with low noise and high torque. The configured servo control system is compact and reliable, with stable performance and various functions. Simple. Working space: 250*125mm, using Fushan type Powermax electric control, connecting rod feeding mechanism, small backward sewing error. The automatic lubricating system ensures that the machine runs smoothly and is durable, and the rear cover is fully closed, which can effectively prevent oil leakage.

Strong seam thickness, good layer seam performance, and smooth stitches.

Advantages: automatic thread trimming, automatic oil supply, automatic reverse sewing, electronic thread clamp, compound feeding from top to bottom. Motor direct drive, low noise.

Stable performance, various functions and simple operation. Strong seam thickness, good layer seam performance, and smooth stitches. Electric presser foot lifter or pneumatic presser foot lifter are optional.

Application cases: Widely used in bags, handbags, leather goods, sofas, car seats, massage chairs, sails, tents, leather products

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Electronic thread clamp: The electronic thread clamp can sink the thread end into the back of the fabric, which can save the cost of manual thread trimming.

Fuel supply observation window: This observation window is set on the fuselage, and the oil supply situation can be observed through this window.

Integrated bobbin winder: This bobbin winder adopts a new type of sewing thread winding, which replaces the disadvantages of the traditional belt winding that is inconvenient and the winding bottom thread is disordered. It has a beautiful and practical appearance.

Adjusting the needle distance dial: The needle distance can be adjusted according to the actual needs of sewing, clockwise is short, and vice versa.

Manual reverse sewing switch: Press the reverse sewing switch to freely reverse and reinforce sewing.

Hemming device installation base: This base is set in the sewing machine, which is convenient for installing various gauges, hemming devices, etc.

Function control panel: select the corresponding function according to the sewing needs.


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