multifunctional sewing machine


The multifunctional sewing machine literally means a sewing machine with more functions, which adds many functions to the functions of ordinary sewing machines. currentThe multifunctional sewing machine has the functions of automatic oil supply, automatic reverse sewing, and upper and lower needle positioning. Compared with the traditional machine manual oil supply, manual backstitching and manual needle positioning, it automatically replaces the manual operation. The multi-functional sewing machine makes the operation steps of the sewing machine easier and saves time.

Automatic thread trimming, automatic edge trimming, automatic edge wrapping, automatic thread winding, automatic lifting of the presser foot height, the functions of the sewing machine can be said to be more and more abundant, it can not only reduce the operation process, save costs for the enterprise, but also reduce the cost of fabrics. It is also more inclusive, and fabrics with different thicknesses can also be sewn at the same time. Due to the different products we produce, we have different needs for machines. At this time, we can choose different functions to sew the products according to the functions required by our own products.


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