Oil supply and maintenance skills for rotary hook of high-speed lockstitch machine


The importance of the hook is self-evident, so the designer also gave her a special“treatment”, The oil supply system was specially designed for her. When using a new machine, you can adjust the amount of oil as much as you want. However, after three or four years of use, the machine is not so obedient. Shuttle heating, wear, thread breakage, needle skipping and other faults occur frequently. These faults are easy to mislead maintenance workers, and the reason is generally not in the amount of oil supply, nor in the oil pump, but in the rotary hook itself.

1. Take out the hook, remove the 3 tongue depressing screws, and take out the shuttle bowl. It is not difficult to find that there is a small rectangular hole in the chute of the shuttle, and there is a small oil blanket in the hole, but this oil blanket has become black, hardened or zoomed, causing blockage and loss of function, which is due to long-term use Caused by dirty oil and debris from natural wear inside the hook.

Second, if you want the small linoleum to recover, you have to clean it up.

It is not so easy to clean up, the quick and effective way is to use“Decontamination spray gun”Remove the rubbish in the hole until the white linoleum is exposed.

3. After the 3 tongue depressing screws, the inner shuttle tongue and the shuttle bowl are installed, put them back into the machine, reposition them, and reset the oil volume. The effect is good.

Fourth, at the same time as the above maintenance, also check the lower shaft oil filter plug screw.

If the oil filter plug is blocked by unclean objects, the oil volume of the lower shaft will not be adjusted much, and the solution is also available.“Decontamination spray gun”spray.


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