Preparations before the operation of the sewing machine


we are usingWhen using a sewing machine, in order to ensure that the machine can complete the sewing work normally, preparations must be made first. Before starting to use the sewing machine, several steps need to be carried out as follows:

1. Pay attention to check whether the belt is properly installed before the machine starts to operate. If the machine is not used for a long time, the belt may become loose, so we must check it clearly before use to avoid dangerous situations.

2. Check whether there is a bobbin thread. If the bobbin thread is used up, it must be replaced with a new bobbin thread. Without a bobbin thread, the sewing machine cannot carry out sewing operations. To change the bottom thread, pull up the end of the bottom thread.

3. Insert the reel of thread on the upper post, pull it to the right, through the arm with thread, and then through the eye of the needle.

4. Put the upper and lower threads behind the needle, place the fabric to be sewn on the needle plate, fix the fabric with the presser foot, put down the needle, and the machine can start to operate.


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