Several common maintenance methods for electric control system of sewing machine


1. System self-inspection: The electric control system of the sewing machine generally has a self-inspection function. According to the different alarm codes of the system, it can be determined what kind of failure occurs in the system, and further determine which part has the problem.

2. Direct external observation: The direct observation method is the most basic maintenance and inspection method. The maintenance technicians rely on vision, smell and touch to carefully observe the machine and compare it with the normal working condition of the system to narrow down the scope of the fault. Or directly find the fault location. For example, whether there is any scratch on the surface of the controller and the display screen, whether the plug has fallen off, whether the lead wire is disconnected, whether the components of the circuit board are burnt, broken feet, pins collided, etc., can be directly observed. Observed.

3. Substitution method: Substitution method is the most effective maintenance and inspection method to reduce the scope of failure. It is to judge the faulty part or faulty component by replacing a good part. Maintenance often starts with large components, and replaces them step by step until the fault is found. This method is mainly used in the case of sufficient accessories or other complete electronic control systems that can be replaced.

4. Voltage measurement method: When the AC servo controller is working normally, the working voltage of each point in the machine indicates the working condition of the machine within a certain range. When a fault occurs, the working voltage will inevitably change. The method of measuring voltage is to use a multimeter to detect whether the working voltage of each plug in the machine and each test point of the circuit board is too high or too small, and judge the specific cause of the fault according to the abnormal situation of the voltage.


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