Sewing machine is composed of those parts


Sewing machines are generally composed of four parts: machine head, machine base, transmission and accessories.

The head of the sewing machine is the main part of the sewing machine. It consists of four parts: stabbing material, hook thread, thread take-up, and feeding, and winding, pressing, and toothing. The movements of each part are reasonably coordinated, and the cycle works, and then the sewing material is sewed.

The sewing machine base is divided into two forms: platen and chassis. The platen of the platen type machine base plays the role of supporting the machine head, and is used as a workbench when sewing. The platen has one or more buckets, folding Tibetan type, cabinet type, desk type, etc.

The chassis of the chassis-type machine base plays the role of supporting and storing the machine head, which is convenient for carrying and keeping the sewing machine.
The transmission of the sewing machine is composed of a frame, a hand crank, a motor and other components. The frame is the backbone of the machine, supporting the deck and footrests.

During use, the operator steps on the pedal to drive the belt pulley to rotate through the crank, and then drives the machine head to rotate through the belt.
The annex of sewing machine comprises parts such as machine needle, bobbin, screwdriver, oiler.


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