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Sewing is the process of synthesizing sewing materials into various products that people need by making continuous seams (or continuous seams by hand) by sewing machines. The needle thread in the sewing thread is moved by the needle of the sewing machine through the continuous puncturing of the sewing material, and interweaves with the shuttle thread to form a stitch.

In the sewing process, the speed is high, the friction is more, and it is easy to be damaged, so the performance requirements and mechanism requirements of the industrial sewing machine thread are higher than that of the manual sewing thread.

It not only ensures the smooth formation of seams during the sewing process, but also ensures the fastness after the seams are formed.

1. Performance requirements of sewing machine thread: The performance requirements of industrial sewing machine sewing thread not only meet the quality performance requirements of sewing thread, but also strictly meet the following requirements:

1. The elasticity of the thread: The suture must be elastic to a certain extent, but not too large. During the sewing process, the stitches should be stretched, squeezed, and bent continuously.

Without this elasticity, the thread can be easily pulled, but too much elasticity will affect the formation of the stitch. At the same time, the seam left on the sewing material after the sewing thread is sewn also needs to be properly stretched with the thread, and can be restored to the original state after being stretched.

2. Thread joints: The sewing thread used for sewing machines cannot have joints, because the thread has to pass through the needle, and the joint will cause the needle to be bent, broken or pulled by force.

Second, the thread mechanism of the sewing machine

1. Twist of the thread: During the sewing process of an untwisted yarn, because it is a single yarn, it is easy to be unraveled, which may cause friction and thread breakage, and it cannot be sewn continuously, so no matter what type of sewing thread Made with the correct and even twist. (Twist is also called viscosity before). Twist refers to the number of twists in the yarn per unit length, and the metric system is expressed by the number of twists twisted in one meter of length.

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