Sewing thread material classification


Sewing is the process of synthesizing sewing materials into various products that people need by making continuous seams (or continuous seams by hand) by sewing machines. The needle thread in the suture is made by the sewing machine

The needle of the stitch is continuously pierced through the sewing material and interwoven with the bobbin thread to form a stitch.

In the sewing process, the speed is high, the friction is more, and it is easy to be damaged, so the performance requirements and mechanism requirements of the industrial sewing machine thread are higher than that of the manual sewing thread.

It not only ensures the smooth formation of seams during the sewing process, but also ensures the fastness after the seams are formed.

The current national standards for sewing thread materials include: cotton wax light sewing thread, cotton sewing thread, polyester sewing thread, polyester core-spun sewing thread, silk thread, twine and so on.

1. Types of upper thread: The upper thread is made of cotton fiber as a material and imitated and twisted. It is divided into soft thread, silk thread, wax thread, decorative thread and so on.

Soft thread: It is an ordinary sewing thread, and the cotton yarn has no other processing except the usual lubricating treatment. The quality of the line is relatively soft and dull, and the line strength is average.
Silk thread: It is a relatively sewing thread that looks very similar to silk thread.

It is the cotton thread that has undergone special mercerizing treatment, and at the same time, the fluff on the surface of the thread itself is removed by fire, making the appearance smooth and bright. Although its twist is looser than that of the soft thread, the quality of the thread is slightly harder than that of the soft thread. The strength of the wire is stronger than that of the flexible wire
Wax thread: The soft thread is processed by wax to make the thread itself smooth, increase the strength of the thread, and improve the anti-friction ability. It is suitable for sewing leather and artificial leather products. Decorative light: It is a commonly used sewing thread (called wax thread on household machines). After the cotton thread is immersed in caustic lye, the surface of the cotton thread adds a layer of luster. The appearance is like soaked in wax, and the quality of the thread is relatively soft. Stable strength.


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