Spool type of sewing thread


Sewing is the process of synthesizing sewing materials into various products that people need by making continuous seams (or continuous seams by hand) by sewing machines. The needle thread in the sewing thread is moved by the needle of the sewing machine through the continuous puncturing of the sewing material, and interweaves with the shuttle thread to form a stitch.

In the sewing process, the speed is high, the friction is more, and it is easy to be damaged, so the performance requirements and mechanism requirements of the industrial sewing machine thread are higher than that of the manual sewing thread.

It not only ensures the smooth formation of seams during the sewing process, but also ensures the fastness after the seams are formed.

The current national standards for sewing thread materials include: cotton wax light sewing thread, cotton sewing thread, polyester sewing thread, polyester core-spun sewing thread, silk thread, twine and so on.

Sewing thread is divided into pagoda thread, firecracker tube type (paper core thread, plastic core thread, this core thread), thread ball (thread ball) and glue thread according to the package form.

However, it is suitable for the thread requirements of sewing machines, and there are generally three forms on the market, namely, the pagoda-shaped cylinder, the firecracker cylinder and the thread ball type.

Pagoda type: It is a thread spool used for sewing large-scale products. It appears smooth and is not easy to malfunction. The thread volume is generally more than 5 kilometers. It is suitable for high-speed sewing machines.

Firecracker barrel: It is a bobbin commonly used in the clothing industry in small batches. The thread length of this spool is usually 1,000 to 2,500 meters, which is suitable for color matching needs. The inner core is generally a plastic core and a paper core.

Coil: The inner core is made of wood, and the amount of thread is small. It is generally suitable for low-speed industrial machines or household machines. It is used more in the sewing industry with small production batch and many color changes, such as repairing industry, leather and plastic products industry, shoe industry and so on.


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