The difference between double needle sewing machine and single needle sewing machine


1. The difference between a double-needle sewing machine and a single-needle sewing machine is that the double-needle sewing machine uses two needles to sew at the same time, while the single-needle sewing machine uses one needle to sew. The stitch formation of the sewing machine is the stitches formed by the needles passing through the fabric with the upper thread and the bobbin thread provided by the rotary hook, so if the double needle operation is to form two sets of stitches at the same time, we equip the machine with two needles At the same time, two rotary hooks should also be installed to provide a bottom line for the formation at this stage.
2. When the double-needle sewing machine is working, we also need to consider the distance of the needle position group between the double needles. Generally, the needle position group has a range for customers to choose, but it cannot exceed the range of this needle position group. Therefore, Most of the double-needle sewing machines are custom-made. When customizing, you must first confirm the needle position group with the manufacturer. Once the needle position group is determined, it cannot be changed.

3. Many people think that the difference between single-needle and double-needle is just one more needle, so there are many doubts about the price of double-needle machines. In fact, the double-needle sewing machine has one more needle than the single-needle sewing machine, so its internal structure will be more complicated than the single-needle sewing machine, and there are more spare parts, so the price of the double-needle will be more expensive than the single-needle.
4. There are still many differences between single-needle sewing machines and double-needle sewing machines. The above and everyone mentioned are the differences that we can see, and there are many technical problems that cannot be seen on the surface of the machine.


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