The function and classification of the sewing machine presser foot


The presser foot is an essential part of the feeding mechanism of the sewing machine. The main task of the presser foot is to assist in feeding. The presser foot also controls the thickness of the sewing material, because the lifting height of the presser foot is regulated. Different sewing machines The lifting height of the presser foot is different. Generally, the lifting height of the presser foot of the sewing machine for sewing thin materials is not high.The lifting height of the presser foot of the heavy material sewing machine should be higher. However, the presser foot is not only different in lifting height, but also in the scope of application. Various forms of sewing machine presser feet play a very important role in the production process, such as the cloth strip presser foot, which is an auxiliary bag The edger is used for hemming, this kind of presser foot is mainly used for hemming machine; the synchronous presser foot can keep the multi-layer fabrics consistent during the sewing process; the zipper presser foot is used for ordinary zipper sewing, and it can also be used for inlays Edge sewing; Roller presser foot, suitable for sewing fragile, smooth or sticky fabrics, to avoid stretching of elastic fabrics and other problems; Ordinary curling presser foot, it is mainly suitable for light and thin fabrics, generally not used for thick fabrics This kind of presser foot.


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