The wonderful time brought to us by the sewing machine


A few days ago, I passed by a thrift store and saw a sewing machine, which was the same as the sewing machine at home when I was in elementary school. It was an old-fashioned butterfly sewing machine. I vividly remember the joy on my mother's face when my father brought it home. I also clearly remember the reluctance in my mother's eyes after my father sold it later.

At that time, I was still in the second grade. My mother sold tofu at a street stall in our village. In my heart, my mother was the most ingenious. People from all over the world would come to buy the tofu she made and praised her for its good tofu. eat. At that time, my father was working in the fields, and he would help my mother to make tofu every night when he came back. After my mother finished her work, she would make clothes and shoes for us, often until very late. In those few years, my mother had been in poor health. The doctor said that she hadn't had a good rest and told her to take a good rest.

That year happened to be a bumper harvest year, and the rice at home was too much to eat, so my father took it out to buy it, and then brought back a sewing machine for my mother. With this sewing machine, my mother finally didn’t have to stay up all night. At that time, I looked at this machine and thought it was very fun. My mother stepped on the pedal a few times and the sleeves of a piece of clothing were sewn. Its speed is what my mother usually sews by hand. several times. There is a sewing machine at home. My neighbors often come to my house to ask my mother to help me sew clothes. Although my mother is busy every day, she never tires of it.

Later, everyone was very warm to us. They brought us delicious food at home, and they also came to help with the farm work in the field. They interacted more with each other, and the relationship between neighbors became closer.

Later, clothes can be bought directly on the street, and there are fewer people making clothes, so the sewing machine is idle, but my mother still maintains it every day, cleaning and oiling it for her, and it is still like new after several years. We moved when I was in middle school, because the sewing machine is less used now, and it is too heavy to move, so my father is going to sell it, and I can exchange it for some money. My mother said yes, but she was really reluctant. But she didn't say anything, just watched her father sell the machine.

Seeing the same sewing machine after so many years, I took it home without hesitation, hoping to cherish that happy time with my mother.


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