The world's first sewing machine


In 1790, Thomas, a carpenter in England, first invented the world's first hand crank for making leather shoes.Sewing machine, woodworker Thomas watched his wife work hard every night making leather shoes, and could not rest until late. He wanted to lighten the burden on his wife. Under the influence of the thoughts of the Industrial Revolution, he was a carpenter who observed how his wife made leather shoes every day, and then designed and manufactured them by himself. After repeated failures, he finally succeeded in manufacturing a machine in 1790. Machines for sewing leather shoes. The body of this sewing machine is made of wood, and only some of the inner parts are made of metal materials. It is a single-thread chain stitch. It is a sewing machine that punches holes first and then threads. Sewing machine for sewing leather shoes.

After my wife used this hand-operated sewing machine, it replaced the original hand-sewing, which improved work efficiency, saved time and effort. The appearance of Thomas' hand sewing machine also laid the foundation for the development of subsequent sewing machine technology. The sewing machine has also officially entered the public eye.


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