What are the advantages of analyzing automatic sewing machines?


The automatic sewing machine is controlled by a computer, equipped with an automatic monitoring system, a feeding system, automatic sewing start, sewing according to the set track, needle stop, thread trimming, etc., which can automatically complete a certain sewing process.

Advantages of automatic sewing machines:
1. It can complete some functions that ordinary sewing machines cannot complete
For example: automatic needle stop position, automatic stitching technology, automatic reinforcement sewing, automatic embroidery, automatic color-changing thread, slow start, mirror image transformation, pattern scaling, pattern rotation, additional seam starting origin, function display and other functions.
2. High degree of automation and intelligence
Semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines can automatically carry out the set sewing work after detection and feedback according to changes in conditions during the sewing process.

Such as: laser or infrared garment piece positioning, automatic edge sewing, automatic adjustment of suture tension for thick and thin sewing materials, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic needle mending, automatic presser foot lifting, man-machine dialogue user programming, sewing Process tracking, etc.
3. Expand the application range of sewing machines
Automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines can simplify the work that is difficult to complete with ordinary sewing machines, and can use one machine to complete multiple processes.
4. Reduce the application of mechanical parts
Since the semi-automatic and full-automatic sewing machines are controlled by computers, the movements that originally needed to be implemented by mechanical mechanisms are replaced by motors, which reduces a large number of mechanical parts and simplifies the movement and structure.

5. Labor-saving operation
Due to the high degree of automation, semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines can reduce the difficulty of operation, and only need to press the "start key" or pedal to work, or even fully automatic.
6. High sewing quality
Since the whole process is completed by electronic control, the stitches of the batch sewing materials of semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines are exactly the same, with good consistency and high quality.

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