What are the common accessories for industrial sewing machines?


Industrial sewing machines are industrial sewing machines suitable for mass-produced sewing workpieces in sewing factories or other industrial sectors. Industrial sewing machines are used in factories that require industrial sewing machines such as clothing, shoes and hats.

Industrial industrial sewing machines are mostly general industrial sewing machines, which are the main machinery and equipment of major garment factories.

Generally speaking, an industrial sewing machine consists of four parts: machine head, transmission, base and accessories. Understanding the common accessories of industrial sewing machines is of great help to daily use and maintenance. Next, industrial sewing machine manufacturers will introduce you in detail.

The first is the head part, which is also the core component of the industrial sewing machine. It consists of four mechanisms of thread take-up, thread hook, pick-up, and feed, and auxiliary parts such as pressing, dropping, and winding. Through reasonable cooperation, each mechanism works in a cycle, so that the sewing materials are stitched together.

The second is the transmission part of the industrial sewing machine, which is mainly composed of a frame, a motor or a hand crank. It is the backbone of the machine, supporting the bed boards and pedals. When the operator depresses the pedal, the crank drives the pulley to rotate, and the belt drives the machine head to rotate.

The hand crank or motor is basically mounted directly on the handpiece.

In addition, there are machine bases, which are generally divided into two forms: platen type and chassis type. The chassis of the chassis base plays the role of supporting and storing the machine head, making the industrial sewing machine easier to carry and store.

The bed board of the bed board frame plays a role in supporting the machine head, and can be used as a workbench during sewing operations. There are many table styles, which can be selected according to actual needs.

There are also industrial sewing machine accessories, mainly including spindles, operations, needles, oilers, etc.

The above are the basic components and common accessories of industrial sewing machines. Hope it will be of great help to you.

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