What are the main classifications of industrial sewing machines?


Industrial sewing machines are sewing machines that are suitable for sewing workpieces for mass production in sewing factories or other industrial sectors. Industrial sewing machines are used in factories that require sewing machines such as clothing, shoes and hats.

The sewing machine we are talking about here is mainly sewing equipment, which can be divided into: general sewing machine, special sewing machine, and decorative sewing machine.

general purpose sewing machine
General industrial sewing machines mainly include: industrial lockstitch sewing machines; household sewing machines; service industry sewing machines; overlock sewing machines; chain sewing machines, interlock sewing machines.

1. Industrial sewing machines include: ordinary sewing machines, medium and high-speed sewing machines, high-speed sewing machines, semi-automatic sewing machines, and fully automatic sewing machines.
2. Overlock sewing machines include: second-thread overlock sewing machines, three-thread overlock sewing machines, four-thread overlock sewing machines, and five-thread overlock sewing machines.
special sewing machine
Special sewing machines mainly include: keyhole machine; bartacking machine; button sewing machine; concealed sewing machine;

1. The buttonhole machine can be divided into: flat head buttonhole machine and round head buttonhole machine, among which the flat head buttonhole machine can be divided into ordinary flat head buttonhole machine, medium and high speed flat head buttonholing machine, high speed flat head buttonholing machine, automatic continuous Flat buttonhole machine; round buttonhole machine can be divided into ordinary buttonhole machine, medium and high speed buttonhole machine, high speed buttonhole machine, automatic continuous buttonhole machine.
2. The tacking machine can be divided into: CEI-1 tacking machine; CEI-2 tacking machine.
3. The button sewing machine can be divided into: high-speed flat seam button sewing machine; non-over-line button sewing machine; automatic button feeding button sewing machine.

decorative sewing machine
Decorative sewing machines mainly include: computerized embroidery machines; zigzag sewing machines; crescent machines; lace machines, etc.

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