What are the maintenance methods of the automatic bagging machine?


The automatic bag patching machine is a relatively precise machine commonly used by people. When we buy an automatic bag patching machine, as long as it is installed properly, most of them can ensure normal operation. A quality bag patching machine, as long as the maintenance is strengthened, even if it is used frequently, its lifespan can reach 20-30 years. However, some users have problems such as loud noise, heavy machine, or broken needles and threads not long after purchasing the automatic bag sticking machine.

The appearance of these problems, in addition to not mastering the performance of the bag patching machine, is more important that the operator does not do a good job in the daily maintenance of the machine. In order to make a bagging machine achieve its due use efficiency and prolong its service life, it is necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance work.

It is very important to do a good job and keep the bag sticking machine clean. In order to prevent dust from invading the inside of the machine head, the three-bucket or five-bucket type bag sticking machine with a hidden head box should be placed in a sleeping box in time after use. Inside.

When the flat-panel bagging machine without a sleeping box is not in use, it can be covered with a cloth sheet or a plastic sheet on the machine head 7. After stopping use, the belt should be removed from the wheel to prevent children from stepping on it, breaking the needle or pinching the thread.
If there are accumulated plush, lines and oil stains inside the shuttle bed and other parts, it should be removed in time.

Under normal circumstances, it is best to use a brush to clean the inside of the shuttle bed and the gap between the feed teeth every week. The shuttle bed should be wiped clean with a cloth strip, and the parts should not be cleaned with water or a damp cloth with water to prevent the parts from rusting. After each removal and rubbing, add a little oil to the shuttle runway to make the parts lubricated and run flexibly.

When installing the shuttle, do not install the internal parts in reverse, otherwise there will be problems such as thread breakage, thread clipping and injection. When dismantling and installing, please refer to the sequence and description of the part numbering of shuttle hooks.
In addition, the parts inside the machine head that are not easy to remove and wipe, such as needle bar, pressing rod, lower shaft, cloth feeding shaft and large connecting rod, etc., can be wrapped around a screwdriver and inserted into it to clean.

In short, the entire machine head must be regularly cleaned of oil and dust and kept clean. When using the automatic bag patching machine, do not turn the wheel upside down, otherwise the thread will be pinched and broken. If you do not use the bag patching machine temporarily, be sure to remove the needle hole of the upper thread, so as to prevent the child from turning the machine wheel and causing the reverse phenomenon.


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