What are the thread take-up mechanisms of industrial sewing machines


Industrial sewing machines are sewing machines suitable for sewing workpieces for mass production in sewing factories or other industrial sectors. Industrial sewing machines are used in factories that require sewing machines for clothing, shoes and hats, etc.

When the sewing machine is sewing, in the process of forming stitches, it plays a role in conveying, recovering needles and threads and tightening stitches.

Mainly can be divided into the following:

1. Cam thread take-up mechanism: the mechanism that the cam drives the thread take-up lever to move

2. Connecting rod thread take-up mechanism: a mechanism driven by a four-bar linkage mechanism to move the thread take-up mechanism

3. Slider thread take-up mechanism: a mechanism driven by the crank slider mechanism to move the thread take-up mechanism

4. Rotary thread take-up mechanism: a mechanism that uses one or two discs or other shaped components equipped with thread take-up pins to perform thread take-up movement with a rotating motion

5. Needle bar thread take-up mechanism: a mechanism that fixes the thread passing or clamping device on the needle bar, or directly fixes the thread take-up bar mounted on the needle bar.

Nowadays, the sewing machine equipment is constantly improving, from the old-fashioned pedal to today's mechatronics, and now the living standard is constantly improving, and the sewing materials are also diversified. The ordinary sewing machine equipment can no longer meet the sewing requirements. At this time, we need to use it. Industrial sewing machine equipment, and Dongguan Intelligent Technology has 15 years of experience in the production and development of industrial sewing machines, with sufficient supply and quality assurance. Today we will learn what is an automatic sewing machine.

The automatic sewing machine is a large-scale special equipment for sewing. It adopts double-needle and four-thread chain connection, fully enclosed, and automatic oiling. Due to the use of internationally recognized equipment and equipment, the machine has the best noise and stability when it moves, and is durable. been widely used.

Due to the different stitch structures of automatic sewing machines, the adjustment of the position of the needle bar is based on the vacuum, while others are based on the needle point. No matter which one is, a good match can make the woven bag automatic sewing machine Better performance.

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