What is a heavy material sewing machine?


Leather sewing machine is also called high car,tall car, also calledHeavyweight sewing machine. Due to the different thickness and hardness of the product materials, as well as the different requirements for power, feeding capacity, stability, needle thread, etc., a sewing machine specially designed for thick materials is launched. For example, the luggage, shoes, handbags, leather sofas and other products commonly used in our life need thick material sewing machines in the production process.

However, the sewing machines used are different due to different products. For example, for suitcases, you need to order a special sewing machine, a vertically long comprehensive feeding thick thread, a large shuttle, and a high column car, but there are more choices for products such as shoes and handbags. With the continuous innovation of the industry, various industries are also making progress, and the sewing machine industry is also full of tricks, which promotes the progress of the textile industry.

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