What is the reason for the jumper in the sewing machine manufacturer's electric sewing machine?


​Sewing machine manufacturer electric sewing machine is a special device that uses one or more sewing machine threads to form one or various stitches on the sewing material, so that one or two layers of sewing materials are overlapped or stitched together. In the twentieth century, the electric sewing machine was an indispensable and common tool for every household, and it was embarrassing to go out without an electric sewing machine at home.
Today, with the rapid development of industrial production, we have released automatic electric sewing machines and intelligent electric sewing machines. If these are in use, how to repair the sewing machine leaking thread? In order to help friends solve such problems, the following is a detailed explanation of the tips for repairing the leakage of sewing machines, hoping to help friends who have these problems.

1. How to repair the missing thread of the sewing machine? Sewing machine leakage generally has the following possibilities

1) For faults caused by needle bending or reverse needle installation, just remove the new needle or install the needle correctly

2) If the thread take-up spring bears too much force or there is no thread take-up spring, it can be solved by relieving the pressure of the thread take-up spring and changing the thread take-up spring

3) There is a fault caused by burrs on the tip of the hook, and the burrs can be slowly rubbed off with water abrasive paper.

4) The fault caused by excessive position error between the hook and needle can be solved by adjusting the position of the hook and needle.

The operation steps are as follows:

a) Adjust the upper and lower positions of the needle and the rotary hook. Turn the needle to the bottom at first, and then slowly rotate it again until the needle slowly moves upwards. At this time, the hook tip of the rotary hook should just move to the needle plane design. The middle position, if it is not correct, it can be adjusted.

b) Carry out the adjustment in a to adjust the position between the needle and the tip of the hook. The operation process is as follows: adjust the distance between the tip of the hook and the middle of the needle to 0~0.mm, and then tighten the fixed position of the hook Foot screws will do.

2. How to repair the missing thread of the sewing machine?

1. Fault characteristics: the bottom line of life cannot be drawn.

Product reason: The shuttle thread is too short, the shuttle thread is caught in the shuttle door, the needle is too high, and the shuttle cannot catch the thread loop.

Treatment method: lengthen the shuttle thread, check whether the bottom line of being a man is stuck, and eliminate it.

The rotating shaft of the needle bar is firm and the screw loosens the needle bar to move. The needle bar should be lowered, the needle should be aligned again, and the screw should be tightened.

2. Fault characteristics: the needle bar shakes.

Product reasons: needle bar hole, needle bar damage, needle bar connection tie screw loose, needle bar deviation.

Solution: replace the needle bar cover, or choose a new needle bar, align the needle again; and tighten the fixing screw.

3. Fault characteristics: several stitches skip one stitch.

Product reason: the shuttle is damaged, the tip of the shuttle is too blunt, the needle of the sewing machine is too high or too low.

Solution: Change the shuttle, adjust the height of the needle bar or the height of the needle, and then align the needle again.

4. Fault characteristics: continuous leakage of thread should not sew even a single stitch.

Product reason: The poor quality of the machine needle or the bending of the machine needle cannot be normal, resulting in a thread loop.

The sewing machine needle is too high to hook the thread loop, and the sewing machine needle and the surgical suture thread do not cooperate properly. Long-term use of the shuttle, swing bed and other components are seriously damaged or broken.

Treatment method: disassemble the qualified needle or cold draw the needle.

Adjust the needle bar or sewing machine needle height. Generally, the shuttle or shuttle bed can be disassembled, and it can be overhauled when necessary.

5. Fault characteristics: thin seam without missing thread, thick seam with missing thread.

Product reasons: The pressure of the presser foot is not enough, the sewing machine needle is too thin, and the hooking mechanism and other parts are seriously damaged.

Treatment method: adjust the pressure of the presser foot, change the needle, disassemble the parts, and carry out maintenance.


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