What kind of electric sewing machine is best to use


many people are buyingThis question will be asked before the electric sewing machine. In fact, we have to judge the quality of the sewing machine from many aspects:

From the perspective of your own needs: first of all, you must first determine what the purpose of buying the machine is. If you just need to sew at home, you can buy dozens to hundreds of mini sewing machines online. Hand-held sewing machines are enough for us to sew at home. . If you like to make clothes and design by yourself, you can choose an ordinary flat car with a price of around 2,000 to 3,000. If it is an industrial sewing machine, it must be a machine with good quality and full functions. There are tens of thousands of such machines, and you can choose according to the nature of your products and production needs.

From the perspective of the function of the sewing machine: a sewing machine with multiple functions can save time and effort in operation, and a sewing machine with comprehensive functions must be much better than a sewing machine with a single function. For example, a sewing machine can solve single and double automatic sewing machine sewing, hemming, automatic thread trimming, automatic trimming, etc., so this kind of sewing machine must be popular with the public.

From the perspective of sewing machine brands: some people still think that imported sewing machines are better than domestic ones, so they would rather pay a higher price to buy imported machines. The difference is not big, the machine is not much worse than foreign products in terms of function and performance, but the price is much cheaper than foreign ones, so buying domestic machines is more affordable than foreign machines.

From the perspective of sewing machine accessories: the more accessories the sewing machine has, the easier it is to use. This is an advantage we can see from the bright side, such as the threader. Thread folding device, edge binding device, automatic thread cutter, automatic trimming knife, etc., if it is equipped with these accessories, it must be better than without these accessories.


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