Why use a spreader cutter


Why use a cloth automatic cutting machine spreader?

Apparel production is a promising industry, but the competition has gradually become day-to-day, how to rush out of the market, and get ahead of competitors, systematically control the quality, cost and efficiency of costs; these factors have become extremely important, in tailoring. The use of automatic spreaders can generally ensure the advantages of quality, reduce costs and improve efficiency in the work process.

Efficiency: The automatic fabric cutting machine will not be tired or upset, and can operate at high speed for a long time, with high production efficiency and very stable quality.

Cost: Manual cutting requires more task people to operate, and its salary cost is high. The automatic fabric cutting machine only needs one person to work, and one person can assist to complete the cutting work. The remaining manpower can cope with other processes, which can save costs and increase efficiency.

Quality: The cutting effect before sewing directly affects the quality of the garment cost. After cutting, it is found that the adverse effect cannot be remedied, and it always appears in the quality of the cost. This problem is quite common in manual cutting, using an automatic fabric cutting machine. It is a good guarantee to solve this problem. Another major advantage of using automatic fabric cutting machine can greatly improve the image of production. When customers visit the production mode and production equipment before placing an order, the high-tech automation of automatic cutting machine Equipment, ready to convince to ensure quality, cost and efficiency. To enhance competitiveness, how can you lag behind others using equipment.

Now we have entered the era of science and technology, and the application of computer technology has played a good role in cutting technology. When the limit of the old mechanical control is broken, the new generation of automatic fabric cutting machines can cut the thickness of 50mm-70mm after adsorption (cutting according to different materials) speed varies).

Its cutting function can also reach the state of perfection. As long as you carefully refer to the various functions of the automatic fabric cutting machine, how many items are really controlled by the computer, it is easy to distinguish the advantages of the cutting machine.


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