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    Dongguan Quick Automatic Equipment co., Ltd, established in 2014.
    Is a national high-tech enterprise focus on the development and production knitting garment automatic equipment. Researching and creating are our basic development factors, Quick invests more than 10% of turnover every year to develop and expand the new diversity products lines, and now we have a professional and efficient r&d and production team.

    Quick will always insist on the "focus, specilization, professional" craftsman attitude to provide best quality products and professional services. Looking forward to the future, Quick will make greater contribution to the automation of global knitting garment manufacturing enterprises.
Adhering to the business philosophy of "foreknowledge, future and priority", Quick takes the market as the guide and follow up the customer's demand, we have spent 7 years to develop fully automatic equipment for knitting garment production lines such as fully automatic hemming machine, upper rib machine, single piece hemming machine and multi-needle machine and so on, which has greatly improved the production efficiency of relevant enterprises.
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